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As Independent Gas Turbine Parts and Service Providers for 15 years, we help you reduce maintenance expenses while knowing you've increased quality.   ETS Power Group was founded by experienced Gas Turbine Executives with strict engineering and quality policies. Those guiding principles are behind every part we build and with us in the field on every job. Our focus is on your satisfaction with each job and that is the reason our customer satisfaction consistently ranks first among our peers.



When new turbines reach the point of needing replacement parts solid engineered options can enhance your turbine's durability, performance and heat rate.  Higher quality parts can replace your standard parts giving you the advantage. 








Fifteen Years and over Six Million hours of hot gas path run time. Our all gas turbine engineering staff has re-engineered six turbine gaspaths of hot section parts.  We've also been busy behind the scenes developing private label parts for some of the biggest names in the industry, and on some of the newest technology engines including the IGT V94.3A3, the GE 9FA+e and the FAA CFM 56-7.  That's experience you can count on.






We hire top talent knowledgeable in the latest gas turbine military, aviation and IGT technologies.  Gas turbine advancements developed by our nation's defense contractors, and proven out in civil aviation form the backbone of the technologies used in IGT applications for the past 25 years. We've worked with the best of the best technologies and now apply that knowledge to enhance performance of your gas turbine replacement parts, putting proven technology into practice.   ​




With ETS Power Group on your side we work hand in hand to understand your particular issues with turbine parts.  If your issues are common, they may already be solved by our production parts.   If your issues are unique to your location, your fuel, your operation patterns...no problem, we work to understand the root cause and make changes to eliminate the issue. The is no inertia here when we work as your partner to make your turbine last longer and perform better.




IF you remember the price of gas turbine parts and services before OEM Alternative parts were introduced, then you know the power of COMPETITION. As an IPP or Power Producer, we provide you the ADVANTAGE to compete in the electricity markets, and LTSA margins that breathes new life into gas turbine electricity projects.

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