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Turbine Parts By ETS Power Group Inc.Turbine Parts By ETS Power Group Inc.Turbine Parts By ETS Power Group Inc.
ETS Power
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"ETS Power Group is an ISO-9001 certified provider of new OEM equivalent turbine parts and services. We provide high quality new OEM equivalent turbine parts for several models of turbines. We design and manufacture turbine blades - buckets, turbine vanes - nozzles, turbine combustion liners and turbine transition pieces.

We also provide a full array of turbine field services including turbine inspections, root cause analysis, long-term turbine parts agreements and long-term turbine service agreements.

Our mandate is simple: Provide the power generation industry with superior quality, service proven new OEM equivalent turbine parts. Our commitment to evolutionary turbine design principles enables our team to incorporate thoughtful innovation with time-tested gas turbine technologies. ETS Power Group empowers customers with the best technical turbine design know-how, service and support in the industry. With flawless fleet logistics and risk management tools, our wide range of turbine products and services has a simple aim: minimize our customer's costs and maximize their power output.